Our Exclusive Royal Gold® Hard Wax system was created specifically to remove hair from the root without the harshness of breaking the hair or irritating the skin. In addition, our wax leaves the skin looking smoother, healthier, and exfoliated. We provide the full benefit of post-care with our exclusive SĒ Black Label product line that consists of our CleariSmooth HYDRATE serum, followed by our Marigold Healing Oil. It's the ultimate duo to fight off and diminish any traces of pigmentation, breakouts, pesky ingrown hairs, and scarring from the skin, while calming treated skin. Both our CleariSmooth HYDRATE and Marigold Healing Oil are available for purchase on our online store and in-store pick up.


Why Real Men Get Waxed…Waxing removes the hair from the root which leads to hair growing back thinner and softer,

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Experience our exclusive Royal Gold® hard wax that is gentle enough for the most sensitive of skin types, but effective

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