Acne ER

Perfect for anyone suffering from severe, inflamed acne. Our Acne ER facial is an alternative treatment created to treat the root cause of painful, inflamed and cystic acne without any side effects that come from prescription strength acne medication and creams. Our sixty-minute long treatment uses a very gentle approach to calm and cool the inflammation, light enzyme gommage exfoliation, cool therapy, and nourishing serum infusion. Our eighty-minute long treatment goes even further by including radio frequency with our aloe vera based cooling gel mask, proper LED light to kill the acne causing bacteria, topping it off with oxygen and serum infusion to strengthen the immunity and protective barrier of the skin. 

For ideal results, we recommend this treatment bi-weekly with a customized skincare regimen until the severity of inflammation decreases.

price | time
$105 | 55 min.
$125 | 80 min.
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